Sarah Curtis


Sarah was born in Somerset UK and has been musical as far back as she can remember. She composed her first piano piece at 8 years old, and composed her first song at 12.

She had formal piano and singing lessons for many years, which helped with her music. At 16 she was given a guitar for her birthday and started to teach herself chords… picking this up quickly she would write a lot of her songs with it.

Through the years Sarah has been in various bands and music projects. Making her first CD ‚Clear‘ in 1998. In 2004 she recorded another album called ‚Simple Magic‘ and an EP ‚3 steps of ‘Magic’ and her final one to date is ‘Talking Angel’ in 2011.

Some of which are available to buy at performances. Sarah has performed at Glastonbury Festival, QEH London, Chard Women’s festival of music, to name a few. She is at present working alongside a double bass player and female backing vocalist.