The Pearls are an acoustic dynamic duo born and bred in London. Their Parents, Converts of African Caribbean Heritage. Growing up the Pearls were always exposed to many different types of Music from reggae to rhythm and blues to classical to traditional qasidas.

It was their parents’ passion and love that encouraged them to use their voices for the love of the Prophet Muhammed peace be upon him and their path. As children they were always encouraged to sing on stage and perform their own poetry this eventually led to Pearls of Islam officially being established in 2005 under the management of Mecca 2 Medina. Since then, inspired and moved by their family and their Spiritual master the Pearls have continued to express themselves through the use of their music and nasheeds.

The Pearls perform a mixture of nasheeds, rap, poetry and spoken word accompanied with the Djembe, Daff, Darbouk and Guitar.

They have been blessed to perform and take their music all over Europe from the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, Norway and perform to all audiences.