Rarely will you hear music infused with such heart and soul as the delightful songs by Al Firdaus Ensemble.
The group takes its inspiration from al-Firdaus, the Arabic name for the most elevated place in Paradise.

The intercultural nature of this name reflects the character of the group in which musicians from different countries and
cultural backgrounds are brought together with one purpose… to express through music the memory of the heavenly
world we come from and to which we long to return.
Al-Firdaus Ensemble, based in Granada, was founded in 2012 by the violinist and singer, Ali Keeler, and includes
musicians from England, Spain and Morocco.

The unique quality of their music is a synthesis of differing musical styles. These include original compositions with influences from Western Classical, Celtic and Flamenco traditions as well as arrangements of songs drawn
from the rich heritage of Sufi musicand poetry from Arabic, Andalusian and Turkish sources.This culminated in therelease of their first album ‘Safa’ in 2014.

Their performance will be accompanied by the traditional dance of the Whirling Dervish.